Communication is part of human’s life. From ancient, human used body language to interact with each other. Thereafter, language and writing came into picture and has been using for optimal communication. People speak, write letter to each other. The era of technology changed the way of communication. The invention of phone, computer and internet let people start to communicate via voice call and email.

Then, mobile phone appeared, and the human’s communication developed, they can use SMS, voice calls. In last few decade, mobile phone is luxury goods. Thereafter, mobile phone no longer only a phone that designed to be mobilised but become smart phone where includes multiple kinds of function. Smart phone currently become necessities in our life and there so many contents can be inside the small little rectangle box. Under the Internet of Things, everything can communicate through internet, for example, phone can connect to computer, car, even a fridge. Therefore, the function of smart phone is also become increasingly important, especially the applications inside the smart phone. Nowadays, regardless of whether young and old have their own smart phones, all smart phones can download software. We discover the future prospect of this area and understand that a good quality of smart phone application can make life different.


Enable people to stay connected.

Fully unleash the potential functionality of smart phone applications.

Innovate, develop and integrate different plug-in software with smart phone application.

Create a reliable and resourceful information-shared platform.

Collaborate with business affiliates, to adopt and explore the potentiality of M- Commerce.

Facilitate business interaction.

Achieve 1 million daily active users globally.


Where types of communication converged ● Business Interactions Create Value


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