Convey message easily, stay connected, maintain close relationship.

Phone & video Call

Free Phone & Video calls, lets make phone and video calls to friends and family all over the world.

Group Chatting

Create a group chat with family, friends or colleagues to share every moment in life, photos and videos together in a chat room. Stay connected.

Voice Message

Long press a button, you can easily share the topic you were thinking and interesting story.

Recall Messages

• There is always second chance to send a better message.

• Make your Message private.

Share Location

• Share your location to others for them to locate your shared places easily.

• Save time looking for the right place.

• Share some fun, special places for family and friends so they can experience the beautiful things that you introduce.

Video Photo Documents

• Easy to share photos or videos of life, share to family, friends or group.

• Share some funny videos or photos of life with others.

• Quickly send important documents to each other all the time, all over the world.


Fun, exciting, easy to express your feelings.


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